We offer technically demanding, high-quality machined products as well as sub-assemblies for machine and equipment manufacturers. We invest in the latest technology and modern factory automation, so our production is cost-effective and delivers are fast.

With the help of robotics, the finished products can flexibly be tailored to your needs even in small batches. The temperature compensated production and storage space ensures the homogeneity of our products at the precision of hundredth millimeter.

The well defined service process ensures a competitive and top-quality result. The products we deliver have constant measured high quality: Our customers are always up to date thanks to our excellent customer service.
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Well defined process flow
A competitive, fast and secure end result can be achieved when the operations are optimised to meet the customer's needs. Quality assurance is an integral part of the entire manufacturing process.
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In our production we have 28 CNC machines and 14 industrial robots, which represent the best available technology in the industry.

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We are a superior partner, with whom the co-operation is cost-effective, flexible and effortless. Without exception, we can meet all our customers’ needs and we develope our production processes continuously.

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