Precise tolerances and material quality are key in industrial applications

In industrial applications, axles are required to have designed strength and precision to achieve optimal performance. Material procurement and quality assurance are essential parts of precision axle manufacturing. ITA Nordic’s unit in Närpes is specialized in producing precision axles for electric motors.

Precision axles play a crucial role in various industrial applications where performance and reliability depend largely on the quality and precision of the axles used. Such applications include electric motors, industrial gearboxes, transportation vehicles, industrial pumps, and blowers.

ITA Nordic, known for manufacturing demanding and precision machined parts, provides precision axles that meet the strictest technical requirements for various equipment manufacturers. The production of precision axles utilizes the latest CNC technology, and manufacturing processes are finely tuned for efficiency. A carefully designed manufacturing process and meticulously chosen materials ensure excellent durability and performance of the product.

The quality of precision axles multiplies in the final product

We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, setting our goals high to achieve successful results. Our machine tools’ quality and condition are top-notch, and we aim to minimize machine downtime in serial production. We keep the machining programs up-to-date, adjusting them based on customer drawings and parameters. Every step of the production process is precisely defined before machining starts, allowing us to deliver tailor-made precision axles and other products to our customers without any interruptions in their own production.

“We have had a close collaboration with manufacturers of electric motors, industrial gearboxes, and transportation applications, among others. Each customer has specific requirements for product features, and we can flexibly manufacture solutions tailored to their needs. Close cooperation with our customers ensures that their expectations and needs are met,” says Jari Kärkkäinen, Business Director of ITA Nordic.

“Ensuring precise dimensions of the axles is particularly important. Even a small deviation in dimensions can cause significant issues in the final product. Therefore, we pay special attention to materials and invest in in-process quality assurance. Only precision axles that meet strict quality requirements leave our hands,” Kärkkäinen adds.

It all starts with high-quality materials

Quality assurance for precision axles begins already during the material procurement phase. We prefer domestic steel mills for material procurement, but some materials are sourced from our long-term partners abroad. High-quality steel enables the realization of the required properties for precision axles, as it offers consistent quality and the planned strength and results for the axles. Excellent material quality also enables precise machining processes, allowing the axles to be manufactured automatically with precise dimensions and tolerances. The likelihood of quality errors during production is reduced.

“ITA Nordic always procures materials from reliable suppliers. We have a close collaboration with Ovako’s steel mill located in Imatra. Ovako is the largest recycler of scrap steel in the Nordics, and their main raw material is steel scrap from Finland. Ovako’s production is carbon-neutral, and we want to contribute to the carbon footprint of products,” says Kärkkäinen.

Quality assurance during precision axle manufacturing is an essential part of the process

In-process quality assurance ensures that the final product meets the required technical and functional characteristics.

“Our trained personnel take care of quality assurance, including in-process reporting and documentation such as completing measurement protocols,” says Kärkkäinen.

“We use methods such as magnetic particle inspection, which is one of the commonly used methods. In magnetic particle inspection, the inspected part is magnetized, and fluorescent magnetic particles are applied on its surface. The magnetic particles gather around any potential defects in the material. An inspector then visually examines the part under ultraviolet light to detect any possible cracks or flaws on the product’s surface,” Kärkkäinen continues.

Documentation of the quality ensures that the product meets requirements and detects possible defects in time, minimizing the possibility of faulty products reaching the customer.

ITA Nordic’s unit in Närpes specializes in manufacturing precision axles, particularly for electric motor manufacturers.

We supply high-quality axles made of stainless steel alloys and carbon steel, which can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide accurate power transmission and reliability for industrial applications.

We also supply axles classified according to ABS, BV, DNV, LR, and RINA standards for marine applications.

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