Cookie Policies

Cookies in general

Our web service uses cookies to improve the user experience (tracking cookies) and to enable the functionality of the service (functional cookies). A cookie is a text file that is stored on a user’s computer for a period that is running on a Web service page. If you prefer, you can avoid using cookies by configuring your browser to prevent cookies from being stored during use. However, this may negatively affect the functionality and user experience of the site or, in some cases, prevent use altogether.

Tracking Cookies

The site is used to collect statics on website tracking, development and marketing planning.

In addition, the site uses the target group and thematic data collection (Google Analytics Demographics) to integrate the user’s tracking data, including age, gender, and user interest. You can change the settings related to gathering this information using your Google account.

You can turn off Google Analytics tracking If you prefer, using the browser add-on (

Functional Cookies

The functional areas of the Web service that require a user login or other authentication require a cookie to function. The information in the cookie is stored on the user and the cookie is deleted at the end of the time limit or when the user logs off.

Other Tags

The Network service user is stored with credentials for the server and Network Service log files (e.g. IP address, opened page, downloaded files, and any runtime error situations) and collects Information on the operation of the site’s user interface (recordings, hot map data, form usage data). The purpose of collecting this data is to monitor and develop the service, and to continuously improve fault tolerance and security.