Industrial Contract Manufacturing

We are a superior partner to your company. Co-operation with us is effortless and fast, and that's why we are a trusted longtime partner to our customers which are the top performers on their respective fields in machine and equipment manufacturing. In addition to our excellent customere service, we operate extremely cost-efficiently, so that our customers can focus on their own businesses.
Quality with us

Well defined process flow

Competitive, fast and ecure results require goals which are agreed together. Based on these goals, the fuctions are optimized according to customer's needs.
Sourcing of the raw materials
We source the raw materials operationally or strategically based on the agreement. We work in a close Co-operation with Ovako steel mill, which is located logistically near to us. Ovako produces high Quality steel, which is made of 100% recycled raw material.
We are specialized in demanding turned and milled components and we are able to deliver highly demanding and complex sub-assemblies. Whenever needed, we invest in a modern machinery and we optimize the products according to your needs
We invest heavily in the latest robot technology and modern factory automation, and in addition to that, we train our professionals constantly. We can deliver very complex sub-assemblies and ready machined components.
Quality assurance
Quality assurance is a natural part of our whole production process. Automation and robot technology connected to our processes enables us to always maintain the same quality level – as our customer your Quality costs are significantly reduced.
Ready made product
We will make sure that the result is always unmatched, regardless of the production volume – competitively, cost-effectively and always on time. Ready made products can also be delivered surface treated as per request, for example painted, passivated,zinc coated or anodized.
We deliver products to customers in small batches or in large quantities based on customer requirements. We secure product and spare parts deliveries at the right time by optimized supply chain management and, if necessary, provide stock service and management.

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