Personal Data Processing policy

We want to take good care of the personal information you have given us. Just like our customers.

We process personal data for sales and marketing purposes, customer service and relationship related purposes, and to develop customer satisfaction and services. When you submit a form, any information you provide on our Web service will be submitted to us.

The forms are not allowed to send information to persons under the age of 16 unless otherwise specified in the form. Personal data is processed by us and the selected personal data processors in secure security systems.

Marketing Register

Please see the to the registry and privacy policy of the marketing data

Cookies and other identifying information

In addition to the information you submit from the forms, our web service will store cookies in your browser on the In accordance with our cookie policies .

Marketing Block

If you want, you can set an e-mail marketing block with either a separate request or a link that comes with each marketing message.

Right Of appeal

If you are looking at a violation of your personal data processing regulations, you are entitled to complain to the supervisory authority.

Any questions?

If any questions arose regarding the processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us.

ITA Nordic Oy/Mikko Matikainen
Phone: 0405363337

ITA Nordic Oy may also have separate service-specific terms, in which case these general terms apply in the alternative.