Special High-Strength Fasteners Must Withstand Extreme Conditions

Special high-strength fasteners are required to have properties that can withstand extreme conditions. Special screws, anchor bolts, machined hex nuts – ITA Nordic manufactures fasteners for demanding applications. The high quality of our products and flexible customer service make us an excellent partner.

High-strength fasteners are critical components in i.a. large engines, wind turbines, ship propulsion systems and process industries. They must endure challenging conditions and offer excellent reliability in terms of performance. ITA Nordic manufactures high-strength fasteners tailored to customer requirements in its Puntala facility.

Quality results require quality materials

High-strength fasteners must endure extremely high loads and the harsh conditions of their operating environment. For instance, the vibrations of powerful large engines and the exposure of ship propulsion systems to corrosion demand that the parts are of high quality and can withstand various environmental conditions. The steel used in the production of high-strength fasteners must be of such quality that the required performance characteristics of the final product can be achieved. The high-grade steel used in ITA Nordic’s production provides excellent mechanical strength and durability for fasteners.

– We primarily manufacture high-strength fasteners from quenched and tempered steel as well as various stainless steel alloys. We obtain the steel from long-term, reliable domestic and international partners. This ensures that the quality is top-notch and there are no unpleasant surprises in production,” says ITA Nordic’s Business Director, Jari Kärkkäinen.

High-quality materials enable the production of high-strength fasteners in line with precise technical requirements. For example machined hex nuts and round nuts are often manufactured with tight tolerances to ensure they fit precisely with other components. When the material is inherently of high quality, products manufactured to precise dimensions and technical requirements can be produced in mass production. This, in turn, guarantees the proper operation and compatibility of fasteners.

– Consistent quality is the key factor in our serial production. When the manufacturing material is consistent, so is the result. In Puntala, we have two highly precise 3D measuring machines that allow us to measure products with a precision of micron. Quality assurance is at a very high level in our operations,” continues Kärkkäinen.

Customized High-Strength Fasteners to Meet Customer Requirements

ITA Nordic boasts a top-tier machinery fleet, regularly updated through investments. Our skilled professionals ensure that the final product is manufactured in line with the customer’s requirements in terms of both features and quality. Our technical expertise is top-notch, and the product leaving our facility is always the result of a closely monitored production process.

– We manufacture products considering the customer’s requirements and operating conditions. For example, stud bolts exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures are made from materials that retain their mechanical properties even in challenging conditions. Materials are brought to the production temperature in a timely manner to avoid measurement errors, among other things, says Kärkkäinen.

We deliver products directly to our customers from our stock, in quantities ranging from a few pieces to hundreds. High-strength fasteners are available with various electrochemical coatings, such as copper plating, hot-dip galvanizing, and chemical blackening. A single order from the customer, and the processed products are delivered directly to the customer’s own factory to the agreed schedule.

– We also offer warehousing services to our customers. In our Puntala facility, about 90% of the manufactured products are delivered directly from stock to the customer. In practice, when an order comes in, we pack the products in rust protection bags and deliver them to the customer in a few days. I would say that our operations are highly flexible, notes Kärkkäinen.

Top-Notch Customer Satisfaction at ITA Nordic

The purpose of the quality monitoring of the production process of high-strength fasteners is to minimize defects in production. This in turn improves both our and the customer’s supply chain performance and profitability. Quality assurance is comprehensive at ITA Nordic, covering all work stages from the start to packaging.

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in 2022, our customers believed that the quality of the products we manufacture and delivery reliability is excellent. Thus, we have succeeded in our goals, and we aim to maintain at least the same level of quality in the future.

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