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A reliable partner is crucial for the successful outcome of industrial contract manufacturing. When a company has a competent manufacturing and production service partner, they can focus their own resources on more profitable processes for the company.

ITA Nordic, which invests in the latest technology and modern factory automation, specializes in the manufacturing of demanding and precise machined components and various assemblies. These products are especially important for end products where quality and functionality are of utmost importance, such as parts for marine industry engines and propulsion systems.

Flexibility and comprehensive expertise are clear advantages for customers.

ITA Nordic’s customers are top players in their respective industries, particularly in the maritime, mining, and energy sectors. As a contract manufacturing partner, ITA Nordic can deliver ship and offshore classified products according to the requirements of classification societies such as ABS, BV, DNV GL, LR, and RINA. They not only provide components and assemblies but also more refined products with a turnkey approach. Additionally, they excel in method innovation, adapting to method changes, and overall production method construction – versatile expertise that benefits their customers.

“We have the resources to meet our customers’ needs and continuously develop our production processes. In practice, if a customer’s needs or product specifications change significantly, we can typically implement these changes quickly in production. This way, the customer doesn’t have to find a new partner; we can adapt flexibly to their requirements,” says Jari Kärkkäinen, Business Director of ITA Nordic.

“At the moment, we mainly supply machined components and sub-assemblies to our customers, but in the future, we are also increasing our focus on assembly resources to offer broader manufacturing collaboration to our customers. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, companies can free up capital for investments in their core business, and resources can be directed towards more profitable processes for the company,” Kärkkäinen continues.

A broad customer base has provided a stable foundation for ITA Nordic’s operations.

Long and stable customer relationships have enabled steady growth for the company. Typically, customer cooperation starts with a few new products and services. As the customers become familiar with the delivery systems and routines – for both orders and supply chains – implementing new products and services in our system becomes easier.

“Our customers benefit from us being a sustainably growing company with a broad customer base. The production load is more even, and minor fluctuations don’t affect it. New and existing customers can trust that our production capacity remains excellent despite changes in various industrial sectors,” explains Kärkkäinen. “Long and extensive customer relationships are not a given because, in our industry, developing a customer relationship takes several years. Therefore, it is wonderful that our largest customers have had a combined customer relationship lasting 130 years.”

In 2022, ITA Nordic’s turnover was approximately 20 million euros, and they employed 85 people. Growth and profitability are largely based on long-term contracts with customers. ITA Nordic can also respond directly to customer needs by investing regularly, ensuring dedicated resources for the required production or service. This way, availability and delivery reliability can be maintained at the agreed level, while also preserving the competitiveness of customers in their markets.

What makes ITA Nordic an exceptional partner?

As crucial as long and stable customer relationships are, sustainable relationships with suppliers are equally important. It is essential that partners have the ability to maintain the same quality and share similar goals as ITA Nordic does in its own processes. Additionally, they aim to act in a way that their partners can trust ITA Nordic as a collaborator and develop their own processes to meet demand needs. Establishing smooth and mutually supportive partnerships requires regular and open dialogue between partners. Setting common goals and operating models creates a competitive advantage for both parties.

“But does that make us an outstanding contract manufacturing partner? Yes! In addition to the above, in many cases, we plan the approach to new markets together with our partners. We identify our position in the supply chain and the role of our suppliers in it. Long and stable relationships with our customers and suppliers are the foundation for sustainable production development,” says Kärkkäinen.

Uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction

For ITA Nordic, customer satisfaction is measured not only by the mentioned long-term customer relationships but also by their ambitious attitude. They strive to provide the best manufacturing and customer service in the market, ensuring that the quality of products and deliveries always meets the required standards.

“For us, the most important thing is that when asked, a customer can say they have been working with ITA Nordic without significant issues for many years. This is what we have always aimed for, and it is what we will continue to strive for,” says Kärkkäinen.

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