ITA Nordic Quality Assurance updated with the latest technology

The new Zeiss Prismo 9/24/7 3D measuring device has been acquired at the ITA Nordic Puntala factory.

The new measuring device enables the measurement of machined components in a new size and precision class. The measuring range of the machine is 900mm x 2400mm x 700mm and it reaches the 0.5 + L/500 μm dimensional accuracy.

The latest measurement software for the machine ensures maximum measurement speed and accuracy. The new 3D measuring device will be an important part of ITA Nordic’s special quality assurance process for high precision machined components, and now it is possible to measure significantly larger components than before, which could not be measured by a smaller Zeiss measuring device. The 3D measuring machines in ITA Nordic are installed in a separate measuring room, where the conditions are standardized to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement process and the shape of the components to be measured.

Puntala Plant’s new Zeiss Prismo 3D measuring machine was taken into use in June 2019.

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